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MSRP $2,499.00

TrailMaster is very proud to announce the deluxe Cheetah 8! 

The TrailMaster Cheetah 8 is a little bit smaller in size comparing to the Cheetah 150. It targets from youth to adult up to 5’ 8” while comparing the Cheetah 150/150X up to 6' 2"  

The Cheetah 8 is equipped with a 208cc, 7.5 HP horizontal OHV Engine; Torque converter CVT transmission which allows this beast to take off with ease. Its top speed can reach up to 32M/H. The manual choke allows this unit to start easy even under cold temperatures. A pull cord kill switch is another safety feature added to this unit. 

Automatic CVT with reverse, hydraulic disk brake, 3-point automotive style retractable seat belts, parking brake, fenders, canopy top and cargo rack are just a few of the many special features. Add the dramatic body panels and the LED light package with flowing turn signals and this is one cool cat! 

The Cheetah 8, also has an optional high quality windshield, and LED light bar.


Key Features:

•    Adjustable driver seat: pedal to seat back adjustable from 32” to 39”, fits person up to 5’8”
•    Sporty stylish design
•    Articulating rear suspension equipped with anti-flip pull belts, much harder to roll over comparing to other rear solid axle machines
•    Youth/Adult size
•    Pull cord kill switch
•    4 point safety seat belt
•    Manual choke
•    LED headlight and turn signal
•    Electric start with pull start backup
•    Fully automatic with reverse, 7.5 HP air cooled engine
•    Individual sports seats
•    Bikini sunshade top
•    Rack and pinion steering wheel
•    Hydraulic disc brake
•    Max speed 32 m/h
•    Parking brake
•    Large rear utility rack 

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