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Challenger 4 300XE

Challenger4 300XE 003
Challenger4 300XE 008
Challenger4 300XE 007
Challenger4 300XE 013
Challenger4 300XE 015
Challenger4 300XE 017
Challenger4 300XE 016
Challenger4 300XE 011
Challenger4 300XE 002

We are very proud to announce that the long waited TrailMaster Challenger4 300X 4-seater UTV has arrived and with Electronic Fuel Injection!

The Challenger4 300X, now EFI with a 18HP powerful fully automatic engine, is a full size UTV that fits up to 4 adults. With a different gear ratio set up than our carbureted version, the EFI Challenger4 300X offers a lot more low end torque that you will surprise by the take-off power! This 4-wheel independent suspension beast goes over any tough terrain with ease. The alloy wheel, LED light bar, windshield, front steel bumper and etc. adds a lot more perceived value to the already nice looking UTV with the exciting graphic. Not to mention the features that always come standard on our Challenger series which includes but not limited to: digital speedometer/odometer, horn, adjustable steering wheel, 12v outlet, turn signals, bikini sunshade top, trailer hitch, front and rear disc brakes.

Like our other Challenger deluxe models, the Challenger4 150X comes with aluminum wheels, windshield, side mirrors, front steel bumper and LED light bar.



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