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300 XRXE

$4,699.00 MSRP 


Anyone looking for a go-kart that does it all won’t have to check out this TrailMaster 300 XRX twice. The 300 XRX model doesn’t just look incredible, but has so many features your head will be spinning the first time you take her out on your favorite trail.

With a go-kart as amazing as this one you can’t just stop and think about the four stroke water cooled engine, or the automatic CTV clutch, or even the amazing hydraulic braking system. These features are all impressive, but the 300 XRX offers you a whole lot more. For instance, you can max out this baby at a whopping 50 MPH, which will really leave everyone else in the dust.

The 300 XRX is made to keep the driver’s and passengers comfortable and safe. This model features bucket seating with safety belts, side mirrors, padded overhead brush protector and side railing. You’ll also be able to keep track of your speed with the convenient speedometer so you can obey any set limits in your area. Of course, we occasionally like to venture out in the early morning or late night which is where the great head and tail lights make this model a dream come true. So, don’t settle for less in a go-kart when you can have it all with this TrailMaster 300 XRX.

Main Features

  • Powerful 300cc CVT fully automatic with reverse engine, electric start

  • Liquid and oil cooling system

  • Shaft driven 4-wheel independent suspension

  • High performance shock absorbers

  • Steel stainless performance muffler

  • Polished aluminum wheels

  • Fenders, Canopy top

  • Adjustable leather seat with four-point harness seatbelts

  • Aluminum side rearview mirrors, central rearview mirror, trailer hitch

  • Digital speedometer/odometer

  • High-low beam headlights, turn signals horns, 12 volt power supply


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