150 ATV 3150DX4

$1,839.00 MSRP

The Coolster ATV-3150DX-4 is the perfect utility ATV to get work done. The bigger, meaner
version of the Coolster ATV-3150DX-2, this new model sports all the glory of its older sibling
plus an upgraded front and rear rack system with rugged rack mounted storage bag and
handlebar mounted brush guards to protect hands, more durable and tougher plastic body
accessories, and an overall larger size. ATV-3150DX-4 has a 150CC, Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke,
Air-Cooled is a Fully Automatic with Reverse, easy to use and rugged full size Utility ATV. Great
for older teenagers and adults alike. Haul all your gear for fishing, hiking, hunting or play with
this fun and ready to roll ATV!

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